from Unnatural Objects and Their Humans (2017) by David Boring

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I know the world is supposed to end
And at one point we will all burn to our roots
But why is it taking so long
I've got a million things I can regret upon

(Pour your life into an endless void
you think you have a soul?)

Shards of crystals
Slice into your eyes
You're buried in concrete
As they multiply

Greasy ocean, acid sky
Fueled upon your glowing lies (Let there be light)

Now stop
And look upon the world (Let there be life)

Remains of what will never last
Remind you of a better past
Satisfy more petty needs
With pornographic speed

And the story goes: (MACHINE MARCHING)

Now you kneel and shiver

Noticed there's a crack and at first you're blind
When the crack grows bigger you block it with lies
Now the crack is leaking and it hurts your pride
But when it's no longer a crack it's your time to die
(Will we be fine?)

Enjoy the sour wind caress your skin
Black and blue and pink and yellow
It's the blend of waste that fuels your tomorrow
Pumping toxic out, disappear from sight
But they soon become what you breath and swallow
Swallow! (Will we be fine?)

You set off a fire to clear what's going in your way
but your creations lost patience
its soon your time to pay
(It won't be fine)

Escalate your lie
try to buy yourself precious time
on a ball of dying rock
pointlessly fall through space

You escalate your lie
try to buy yourself precious time
on a ball of dying rock
pointlessly slide through time

Return your debt
Surrender your life
The great fire burn
The great flood drown
Your glory your gold your future your hopes
no more than fragments in the ground

You can wish for a miracle
(What were young are now growing old)
You can find more ways to pass the time
(Your running blood is growing cold)
But the end is near its our fault my dear
(Your blood grows cold)
Now you're desperately trying to rewind
(Your blood grows cold)


from Unnatural Objects and Their Humans (2017), released March 13, 2020


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