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Victims EP

by David Boring

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Victims 05:02
*At the first instance it felt good. I convinced myself I was brave. For a while I wanted to be a part of a bigger picture. It was a picture of immense greatness. It gave me inexplicable joy. Granting me a sense of purpose.* *illusions* For a while I was driven. Everything I did convinced me I was a normal, functioning part of the society. Surviving on reciting values that upon reflection, were obviously illusionary.* *illusions* What started as a grand resistance has worn away and left us with a lake of blood Devoured by the voice of anger Devoured by a toxic peer Devoured by a nameless creature Devoured Devoured by fear *It was theatre. The grand gesture, the moment of choice, the mortal danger, the external foe, the climactic battle whose outcome resolves all, to appear heroic, to excite and gratify. To be applauded and admired. To be loved and cared for.* As much as it was good entertainment You will soon be eaten away by the your choice of drug To die for the grand resistance To die for a great idea Shackle your faith to a gambler Too blind too blind see clear Degraded it was, you degraded it more Spiralling downward do you know what its for To fight your enemy you needed more men To fight your enemy you take what you can To form an army, you formulate lies To drive the army, you fake your own cries To feed the army, you kill your own friends Now with this army you burn all your ends Look in the mirror, all you see is your pain Look in the mirror, you're covered in shame Look in the mirror, your illusion is strong You break the mirror, new evil is born Explain to me how the fuck we got here? Do you understand? Here is the truth-- actual heroism receives no ovation, entertains no one. No one is interested. And soon you become no more than yet another victim *I started to understand what happened to me was dark, evil, and shameful, and by association I too was dark, evil, and shameful. While it may not have been my intention, this was the message my clouded mind received. To escape the confines of these chains, I disassociated myself from my emotions and numbed myself to the pain ravaging my mind and body .* Join now for your own salvation! Pretend we are fighting absolute evil Pretend it's a grand creature we battled Any victory we become immediate legends If we die we all become war heroes
Victim#1 03:11
You pour and pour till you're drained of blood You cry and cry like you're never loved Now I'm numb all around I will just witness all the pain I kill different versions of myself So I don't go insane
Victim#2 01:39
/On the surface everything is fine/ We are all sitting in peace/ soaking in each others bullshit/ Like a lukewarm cauldron of grinning imbeciles/ I go in like a casual hurricane/ Flicking shit everywhere/ nobody comes out clean/ that makes me happy/ Alter all your shaky values to suit your new found truths Alter all your roles as adults to sound like struggling youths Count your problems Count your pains Count your time and Count your days Count the ones who hate the rules but somehow still comply Count the ones injecting plastic to have bigger eyes Bigger eyes! (Spin a lie!) Bigger eyes! (Spin a lie!) - Why must I see your point of view when you are just a clone Why must I share your lust for life why can't I die alone Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Why can't I Go Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Die alone! Anything to stop this nonsense


"[Victims] serves as an extended footnote to the arc [Their Humans] from their 2017 album. Through the three unique protagonists, we see from their first person perspectives how they fall victim to a certain aspect of the society / their own personal turmoil.

The record itself can be seen as either a sympathetic tribute to the various characters that quietly suffer under their own unique and complex circumstances, or a critique to the thoughtless culture of blame and self-pity.

We might be failing as humans, but at least we can still find solace in claiming victim."


released March 13, 2020

Produced by DAVID BORING
Recorded and mixed by Nic Wong @ Ex-Punishment
Mastered by Garrett Haines at Treelady Studio, Pittsburg PA


all rights reserved



Damnably London, UK

Stratford, London based Record Label/Publisher. Est. 2006

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