Suicide Pop

from Unnatural Objects and Their Humans (2017) by David Boring

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“I know you're sad, I know your days are bleeding too
And I know I make you sad.
I don't understand how not to,
but please don't bring in more of the grief,
don't add to it
If there is more,
then I won't be able to breathe and I'll die”

And I miss it, too
And I miss it like you do
A tender version of the end of the world

No memories, no emotions
No pleasure, no pain
No medals, no wounds
Neither beautiful nor ugly
Neither significant nor unimpressive
Never experience another moment of ecstasy
Never fall into depression again

// Breathe
Before you come I’ll close my eyes
Please join me at my last lullaby
I’m so intoxicated I could die

There’s no need to feel ashamed
It’s just the end of a game
They'll take my face, they'll take my name //

My last dream
I can see it now
My life made sense
Everything made sense
They were necessary to make this possible

And when white noise becomes reality
I didn’t let go
I just let it be

Approaching / Approaching
Fearful / Fearful
Blind / Blind
Feel it / Feel it
Learn it / Learn it
Take it / Take it
We come to nothing

On fire / On fire
Evolve / Evolve
Perfection / Perfection
Dissolve / Dissolve
On fire / On fire
Evolve / Evolve
Perfection / Perfection
Strip to my bones

I'll drop my shell
I'll drop my name
They've never been mine anyway
Release from all mortal boredom and mortal pain
We won’t have to hold on
There’s nothing to be fearful of

A fiery cry of my name
Rewriting all the rules of this game
Ever so hopeful ever so blind
If I could only burn this last picture onto my mind
But it will soon be rotting
So preciously rotting rotting rottin


from Unnatural Objects and Their Humans (2017), released March 13, 2020


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